7 Star Rated Referrals

Outstanding Members Honorees for "Above & Beyond' Performance and recognized by fellow members. On 1 through 5 stars they got 7 stars ratings.
Santa Jim - B & B Advertising
Santa Jim (aka Jim Neville) is highly recognized by members, friends and partners that use his services & products. Santa Jim takes care of his clients and the high reviews prove it.
Michelle Hernandez - Realtor DFW - 7-Star Honor
Michelle Hernandez is a top Referral Member for her professional service. Members & Connections give Michelle Hernandez 7-Star Referral Recognition. All positive Referrals and no negatives. Thank you Michelle for outstanding services to everyone you serve. Press "File" for more info & "Info" for Website.
Ini Adesanya, President, IAA CPA FIRM, PLLC - 7 Star Honor
Americas Chamber Thanks - Ini Adesanya, President of IAA CPA Firm PLLC is an outstanding CPA Firm - 7 Star recognition ( 1 to 5 Star Rating Scale) for service - Above & Beyond

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