Texas Demographics

Texas Demographics highlight that a population "SHIFT" in Texas is happening Now! Texas has a challenge for the first time to ensure that the "SHIFT" keeps TEXAS Strong and a financial leader.
"Coming to Our Census" Texas Challenge 2050
Texas Challenge 2050 is a Wake-Up Call Texas Businesses and Communities to adjust their planning and marketing in Texas. Texas Monthly's article "Coming to Our Census" is a reality check for Texas presented by Steve H. Murdock and his team. This is not about "IF" or "When" - It is "NOW"! **Press "Info" for details **
Texas Demographics to 2050 Projections
State of Texas Demographic projections point to a Majority-Minority "Shift" Press "FILE" to view Report
Texas Demographics Challenge - "Shift"
Texas Demographics Challenge is the '"Shift" to a Majority - Minority population change. Summary Report based on Texas Demographics Reports. Press "FILE" to see report
Texas of today is the U.S. of tomorrow
Steve H. Murdock demographic Population Projections have been most accurate. Texas must do advanced strategic planning to have a positive plan to keep Texas a top level financial & business. Steve H. Murdock states “I argue that the Texas of today is the U.S. of tomorrow.“ **Press "file" to view reports & Press "Info" to view details **

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