Are you ready to Mambo®?


See what’s “Trending” on the homepage to view what’s popular. Boxes on the left have the most followers, and big boxes have the most activities. Click circles to select categories to follow, and those will appear within the “My Interest” tab. To return to the homepage click MAMBO at the top.

Click inside a category to view activities. Flags on squares indicate whether you created (smiley face), signed up (checkmark), or saved (filled heart) activities. All activities are in order of most recent date, or you may sort by what is “Popular” or “Almost Full”. Now filter(square icon) according to criteria such as “Date”, “Time”, “Free”, “Food”, etc... For ex: What is free, outdoors, and a tournament tomorrow within sports? Hover over blue icons to learn more.

To signup, share, save, click an activity name. It’s easy to “Sign-Up”, see “Who’s Going”, or ask a “Question” to the leader. To invite friends, you may “Share” an activity either before/after you sign-up on Facebook, Twitter, or email. Any motion you make will be reflected in “My Profile” (dropdown under name). You can also manage your activities in “My Profile” and receive notifications.

Instead of clicking, you may use “Search” at the header and enter any keyword. All activities with that keyword will instantly appear across ALL categories. If you have an idea for Mambo, use the light bulb. If you have bulletin information you want to post, use the thumbtack. Once bulletins are approved by Admin, they will be posted.

Some users will be permitted to “Create” activities. Simply click “Create” at the header and follow the application process. Once approved, your activity will post. Then, manage all created activities in “My Profile”.

Have a Niche Day®!

Permanently delete account

If you delete your account, there is no way to undo it. All your associated data will also be deleted. If you are sure, please enter your password and hit okay.